Globally Women Outnumber Men in International Studies – But Curriculum Seldom Focuses on Gender Equality

PassBlue provides independent coverage of issues and actions at the United Nations. A recent article finds that especially at the top three universities granting Master’s Degree in international affairs, there is little focus on gender equality issues, despite that at the institutions they may end up working for, have equality at the center of their agendas. The universities mentioned are Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in New York, Sciences Po’s Paris School of International Affairs and the London School of Economics.

The article states, “Yet for those interested in a feminist approach to international affairs, such classes are actually hard to find at Sciences Po, in particular, despite that numerous international organizations cite gender equality as crucial to securing peace and sustainability and that demand from its wide-ranging international student body for such classes is high.”

A survey conducted at Sciences Po found that “more than 72 percent said they would like a compulsory course on gender equality and 70 percent believed that change was needed in the classroom. Respondents said they wanted to see a gender concentration, more female instructors, that “mansplaining” was a problem and that they wanted contributions from non-Western and gender nonconforming faculty.”

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