WG-USA Elects Officers for 2016-2018

WG-USA members elected the following members to the Board of Directors for 2016-2018.

The new board will take office on January 1, 2016.

Fay C. Weber
Fay has been part of WG-USA’s evolving organization serving in numerous capacities as a board member from membership chair to board member at large, to WG-USA, GWI (Graduate Women International) and CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) workshop presenter.  She has been a WG-USA travel participant with a long history of involvement and advocacy for WG-USA and GWI.  Her goals are to continue to build a strong organization with on-line educational opportunities, increase membership and organizational visibility, engage more members in organizational activities, obtain WG-USA United Nations NGO status, and increase international communication and connections with other affiliates and to continue a strong working and supportive relationship with GWI.

“My participation in WG-USA and GWI, formerly IFUW, has allowed me to travel and develop friendships with women throughout the world. It’s given me a greater appreciation of different cultures, values and awareness of global women’s issues and the opportunities to make a difference. I’m hoping that we can involve younger members who will have the same opportunities for global awareness and engagement. ”

Fay hails from Montana with a Doctorate in Administration.  She has been an Associate Director of an Assessment Center and Associate Professor in Educational Administration at California State University, Fullerton.  At the latter position, she evaluated future school administrators for 42 school districts in Orange and Los Angeles counties.  In the non-profit world Fay is the National Garden Club Scholarship chair for Montana and communicates with all Montana’s state and private universities regarding club scholarships and heads the committee for the selection of candidates.  Fay is also involved in strategic planning, fund-raising, and marketing for a symphony in Montana.

rosetteaderaCoordinator for International Relations (CIR)
Rosette Adera, M.Ed., MA
Rosette is a former refugee from Rwanda who now resides in the U.S.A. with her husband and children. Her journey can be traced through multiple border crossings in search of safety and identity. She has spent close to 30 years in community development, which has included capacity building for refugees and new immigrant communities on two continents (Africa and North America). Her international relations expertise includes extensive knowledge of Canadian, US and international human rights with special focus on conflict and its effects on people, pedagogy and policies. As a second language acquisition expert and management consultant, she now works to facilitate the inclusion of refugees, new immigrants and other vulnerable populations into the workforce as well as academic environments.

Over the course of her career so far, Rosette has had opportunities to lead and participate in the internationalization and globalization of organizations. She has had the opportunity to explore research topics in the rights of vulnerable populations, the role of women in development in the global south and the impacts of war and genocide, among others. More recently, she was instrumental in connecting an educational institution to East Africa through scholarship and a speaker series that included discourse on the role women pre, during and post genocide in Rwanda, the role of the church in the reconciliation process, the development of the judiciary system as an instrument of justice and reconciliation, among others. These connections have opened opportunities for faculty and students to explore and engage in research partnerships and program development in Women Studies (for the College of Arts and Sciences) and Entrepreneurship (for the College of Business) with counterparts at several institutions in Rwanda, including the Kigali Institute of Education and the Akilah Institute.

To the position of Coordinator International Relations for WG-USA, Rosette brings a keen appreciation of the global geopolitical landscape, a healthy appreciation of human rights, a multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-lingual problem solving approach and fierce advocacy skills. Rosette’s international experience includes work, study and travel in Africa, Europe and North America.  She also speaks a number of East African languages and is now a student of the Spanish language.

cynthiaGAdvocacy Convener
Cynthia Grguric
“In leverage off the outstanding work Women Graduates already does, I hope to push the pendulum further to intervene on women rights.  My passion is to address the tremendous violations of women and assist these women in resourcing and supporting their freedom as culturally appropriate. I am moved by the flight of women suffering from oppression in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India where women’s value and human equity are not considered.

I have been privileged to have worked with women in nationally and internationally in places such as Dubai and Democratic of Republic around gender violence.  My dissertation work was in the Democratic Republic of Congo on rape as a weapon of war.  Advocating for women and their right for care, protection, and human equality are a strong passion of mine.  I have also been on the leadership committee of Women of Vision, a volunteer group of women connected to World Vision advocating and educating on the causes of women internationally.”

Cynthia has over 20 years’ clinical experience working with trauma, stress, combat, relationship, and cultural adjustment issues.   As an International Psychologist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor she has lived and worked internationally in Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Britain providing military consulting on issues of separation, cross-cultural adjustment, relationship issues, and pre-post deployment resiliency. She also worked in United Arab Emirates, and while  in Dubai she provided input into articles for Cosmopolitan Middle East, Gulf news, The National, and Expat Dubai.   Cynthia has also done research on war rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in process of publishing her work. She is currently working on a research proposal on Syrian refugees in Turkey.

BriannaGranthamCommunications Convener
Brianna Grantham
“The Communications Committee drives WG-USA from within; as an entirely online organization, the Communication Committee is the life to the members and the lifeblood of the organization. Through The Flame, as well as e-blasts and other special publications, the Committee keeps the members in contact with one another, as well as in touch with the organization’s actions and goals. As a U.S.-based organization with global goals of education and rights for women and girls, it is fitting that we also work across time and space to communicate and work with one another. One area I would like to continue to focus on and find new tactics for is engaging more new and younger members of WG USA.”

Brianna joined WG-USA while she lived on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands from 2010 to 2014, where she taught English at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) as an Assistant Visiting English Professor. She joined partly because there were no comparable local organizations, but it focused on causes that mattered to her and was online.  She saw an opportunity to contribute further to the Communications Committee by volunteering to help edit and proofread The Flame. That role has further evolved into the ‘Book Nook and Film Den,’ as well as managing the film and book reviews for The Flame.  In the capacity of Chair of the Committee, Brianna sees further potential to contribute to the organization and the causes in which WG-USA strives to make a difference.

Communications allows Brianna to be involved even while in one of the most demanding times of her life as she completes her PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham, UK.  Brianna expects to defend her viva in Spring 2016. Her doctoral focus is on the inter-generational effects of mental illness and religion on families, particularly on the women. She moved to Seattle, WA in January 2015, where she now manages proposals, marketing content, and Public Relations for Zonar Systems, Inc.  Brianna is a bookworm and an athlete, and she realized many years ago that she has to be near the water to feel sane.

0703b copyAt-large Board Member
Anita Glisic
3 Year Term of Office
Anita Glisic works as Senior Analyst for the Balkans East Europe and Caucasus states on their path to democracy, full implementations of EU requirements, and human rights standards, at Dynia Ltd., based in Geneva.

She believes effective parliaments are essential and inherent to democracy, leading to the rule of law, respect for human rights and gender equality, and for economic and social development. She regularly reports on relations between nations parliaments and EU Parliament, observing indicators of socio-economic performance of young member states and EU candidates. She also works as adviser for investments throughout the region.

Her work as a journalist and editor at Yugoslavia’s federal broadcaster was crucial for later breaking down the Milosevic regime and for democracy implementation. Experiences and failures of young, inexperienced democratic state and professional challenges that she faced as a journalist and as a woman helped her to identify weakest points – human rights and gender equality as identifiers that separate successful democracy breakthrough, from failed states that perform poorly bringing great economic risks and reporting on human rights, media freedoms and gender equality.

Anits speaks several EU languages and likes to teach. She enjoyed the WG-USA Education Working Group as it delivered tremendous insights into global women empowerment. Anita received a B.A. from ECampus University, Faculty of Literature in Milan, Italy and came to the U.S.A. to graduate in International Policy and Practice.

Chamberlain, Sally-003 4x5@72At-large Board Member
Sally C. Chamberlain
1 Year Term of Office
Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Sally now splits her time between residences in Estero, Florida and Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Sally has been a member of WG-USA for over five years and has served on the Program Committee and as convener of the Education Working Group for three years.

Professionally, Sally is a career educator, with over 45 years of experience in k-12 public education as a teacher, administrator, and on the executive team for accountability at the PA Department of Education. Currently she operates an independent education consulting business, which works extensively with online K-12 cyber instructional delivery and school reform models.

In the world of non-profits and volunteer organizations, Sally has a long history with AAUW at the local, state, and national levels. She is a member of Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund, has worked with Rotary International on mission trips to the Dominican Republic, and traveled internationally to Europe, South America and the Far East.  She has been recognized by the Senate of Pennsylvania with the prestigious Child Advocate Award.