U.S. Enacts Law to Implement UN Women, Peace & Security Resolution

Women Graduates-USA (WG-USA) has called for Congressional passage of a United States Action Plan to implement UN Security Council Resolution #1325 – Women, peace and Security, since late 2011 when the President Obama Administration established the National Action Plan (NAP). In order for the NAP to become law it was introduced in Congress each year with little action taken – until late September this year when both Houses of Congress passed it. The final step was to have President Trump sign it into law, which he did on Oct 6.

Unlike other nations’ NAP, the USA NAP has set a timeline for the three main departments in charge of implementation – Department of State, Department of Defense, and USAID – to develop their own departmental implementation plans.

Among other things, the Women, Peace, and Security Act:

  • Mandates training for US defense, diplomatic, and development personnel on the value of women’s inclusion and strategies for achieving it
  • Requires timely reports from the President and regular reporting to relevant congressional committees by the Secretaries of State and Defense, and the Administrator of the US Agency for International Development
  • Makes it US policy to promote the meaningful participation of women in all aspects of overseas conflict prevention, management, and resolution
  • Calls on the President, in consultation with the heads of relevant Federal departments and agencies, to submit to Congress and make publicly available a government-wide Women, Peace, and Security Strategy

Two NGOs which have a particular focus on Women, Peace and Security:

Inclusive Security

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – PeaceWomen

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