The Future of Education in Acton: Aligning Ideas with World Needs

Save The Date:  Saturday, May 19, 2018 for the latest WG webinar sponsored by the Education Working Group   

Sara Eva Murdock, a Teaching Fellow,  Ph.D. candidate at UCLA, and Education Working Group member will conduct the one hour online presentation” The Future of Education in Acton: Aligning Ideas with World Needs”.

Murdock’s presentation is divided into three sections.

  1.  A discussion of Whiteness Studies and Cultural Studies, based on her dissertation work, as a way to review and design international programming and critical pedagogy using a socially equitable outlook.
  2. A look at ways to engage the private sector in investing in new learning systems, which prepare young people for a future economy and jobs that don’t yet exist.  Sara will review the beginning of a new learning system that she is co-founding with social entrepreneurs.
  3. An overview of overlaps and discrepancies between policy discussions offered at the CSW62 as related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #4 (education)and data she has worked with so far

Additionally, Sara will look at ways technology and online educational tools enhance her work in striving for social equity. She will tie all the topics together through the lens of Systems Thinking, which should allow webinar participants to identify trends and ask questions

Prior to her studies at UCLA, Sara received a MA in Organizational Leadership from Seattle University and a BA in American Studies and Dance from Kenyon College. She has 8 years of teaching in higher education and is collaborating on an education project with colleagues in Cambodia.

This toll-free teleconference webinar is open to all.  However, all  participants must register to attend. Look for details on how to register for this exciting webinar opportunity in a future e-blast.

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