WG-USA and CEDAW Cities for CEDAW Campaign

The UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is the only international human rights treaty to focus exclusively on the rights of women. Adopted by many countries in 1979, CEDAW has been ratified by 186 of 193 UN member states worldwide. The United States is one of the seven member states, and the only industrialized nation, that has failed to ratify CEDAW, joined by such countries as Iran, Somalia, and Sudan.

In 1998, San Francisco became the first city in the world to adopt an ordinance reflecting the principles of CEDAW. The purpose of the Cities for CEDAW campaign is to “make the global local” by harnessing the power of cities and promoting the adoption of CEDAW as a municipal ordinance in cities large and small in order to create a framework for improving the status of women and girls. Supported at the June 2014 US Conference of Mayors, Cities for CEDAW will mobilize multiple stake holders including elected officials, the media, business, youth, NGOs, faith communities, and women leaders.

This campaign focuses on the adoption of a CEDAW measure in your community that fulfills three requirements – a gender analysis of city operations (workforce, programs, budget), an oversight body, and funding to support the implementation of the principles of CEDAW. The goal is for 100 cities to adopt a CEDAW measure by December 2015.

100 Cities for CEDAW Campaign

The NGO Committee on the Status of Women in New York have developed an effective outreach campaign, Cities for CEDAW, to help you to take action in your city, activate the women’s community, gain agreement with local leaders to endorse CEDAW now, and work together to end discrimination against women.

The following are the cities in which the campaign has been organized:
Boca Raton
Kansas City
Los Angeles
Louisville (mayor already signed a resolution)
New York City
Tampa Bay
Washington, DC

Either contact the committee in your city, or consider starting a campaign, if your city is not on the list. Go to the Cities for CEDAW website for information.

100 Cities for CEDAW Campaign Information and Toolkits

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WG-USA is an official support organization for the 100 Cities for CEDAW campaign.

This one page fact sheet provides an overview of the campaign.

San Francisco CEDAW Ordinance
In 1998 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the local ordinance, and the Department on the Status of Women oversees the implementation of it.

Local CEDAW Ordinance Template
Based on the San Francisco CEDAW Ordinance, this template will help cities draft their own local CEDAW measure.

Human Rights in Action: San Francisco’s Local Implementation of CEDAW
This report documents the work of the Department since the 1998 adoption of the local CEDAW Women’s Human Rights Ordinance, providing examples of best practices to aid other municipalities in adopting similar measures.

Gender Analysis Guidelines
Learn how to conduct a gender analysis, an tool developed to ensure City departments have equitable policies, programs, services, and budgets.

Talking to Your Elected Officials

Ask your mayors and advocates to commit to Cities for CEDAW!

Pledge your support for the Cities for CEDAW campaign!

How to Talk to Your Elected Officials
This guide will help the public advocate effectively for a local CEDAW measure within city government.

Making Rights Real: A Workbook on the Local Implementation of Human Rights (WILD Booklet)
Published by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) for Human Rights in 2006, this booklet provides resources and tips to implement CEDAW in your local community.

Contact Cities for CEDAW

Email: dosw@sfgov.org | Phone: 415.252.2570