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“1.2 million children are sold into ‘sexual slavery’ every year and 2 million children—mainly girls, but also a significant number of boys—are believed to be part of the multi-billion dollar commercial sex trade.” UNICEF, 2005

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Help Get the International Violence Against Women Act Passed

An estimated one out of every three women worldwide will by physically, sexually or otherwise abused during her lifetime – with rates reaching 70 percent in some countries. Violence against women and girls includes harmful practices that range from rape to domestic violence, to acid burnings and dowry deaths, and so-called “honor killings.”  Violence against women and girls is a human rights violation, a public health epidemic and a barrier to solving global challenges such as extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS and violent conflict. It devastates the lives of millions of women and girls – in peacetime and in conflict – and knows no national or cultural barriers. Most importantly, it must end.

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The advancement of women and the attainment of equality are matters of human rights. They are the only way to build a sustainable, just and fully developed society. Empowerment of women and equality between women and men are prerequisites for achieving political, social, economic, cultural and environmental security among all peoples.

Help get CEDAW ratified in the US.

The purpose of the 100 Cities for CEDAW campaign is to “make the global local” by harnessing the power of cities and promoting the adoption of CEDAW as a municipal ordinance in cities large and small in order to create a framework for improving the status of women and girls.

This campaign focuses on the adoption of a CEDAW measure in your community that fulfills three requirements – a gender analysis of city operations (workforce, programs, budget), an oversight body, and funding to support the implementation of the principles of CEDAW. The goal is for 100 cities to adopt a CEDAW measure by December 2015.

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Women's Rights are Human Rights - Let's Get CEDAW Ratified in the US.

100 Cities for CEDAW Campaign

In 1989, The United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It was the first international treaty to integrate human rights as they apply to children. It supports children’s right to survival, development, and protection against abuse, neglect and exploitation and to participate in family, cultural and social aspects of life. Other critical Convention issues include education, health care, juvenile justice and the rights of children with disabilities. The Convention defines a child as any human being under the age of eighteen, unless the age of majority is attained earlier under a state’s own domestic legislation.

To date, the United States is the only UN member not to have ratified UNCRC.

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Help get the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Passed in the United States