Advocacy Our Organizational Imperative

Advocacy is an important aspect of our work and defines us as graduate women who care deeply about women’s rights to social and economic justice and are willing to act on behalf of all women.

We believe in the power of advocacy to change women’s lives for the better. In fact, advocacy has been an essential tool for social change and most gains in human rights and gender equality both here and abroad have been the result of persistent and focused advocacy efforts.

Our Advocacy efforts include:

  • letters and emails to our elected and appointed officials, the UN and occasionally to heads of country governments urging them to act on behalf of women on a range of issues related to our organizational priorities;
  • development and adoption of resolutions current and emerging women’s issues; research and development of information and resources;
  • timely alerts to our membership to take action to influence legislation.

Importantly, also provide trainings to women who are interested in developing a competence in advocacy. This is because we believe that when women begin to advocate for themselves and others, they grow personally and professionally, developing a wide range of portable skills as they discover their voices.

In fact, we categorically believe that the practice of advocacy empowers women like little else.


WG-USA believes in the power of advocacy to change women’s lives for the better.

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In order to encourage our members to become advocates and to develop personal and professional skills while empowering themselves and others, we have created a Road Map for Advocacy that provides online training and support for a knowledge-based advocacy experience.

Remember that anyone can learn to advocate – you just have to want to!