Access to Education for Women and Girls What is WG-USA doing?


“IFUW urges governments, and more specifically Ministries of Education, to ensure that Human Rights Education is embedded in the curriculum at all levels of education.”

Marianne Haslegrave, former IFUW President

Human rights are violated every day, and more specifically girls’ and women’s human rights.

“Gaps continue to exist between the ideals as included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and current realities, particularly for girls and women. Human Rights Education in all secondary schools can go a long way to ensuring that girls grow up knowing that they have human rights that should be respected, protected and fulfilled. It is equally important that teachers and others involved in their education receive training at the tertiary education level,” said IFUW Marianne Haslegrave, former IFUW President.

What is WG-USA doing about this problem?

WG-USA builds member awareness and support for improving access to educational opportunities at home and breaking down barriers that prevent access to education for girls and women around the world.

WG-USA Partnership with 10×10

WG-USA is pleased to announce its partnership with 10×10, an organization that shares our commitment to the education of girls to change the world.  WG-USA members are asked to spread the word across our communities of influence that by investing in girls’ education, the cycle of global poverty can be broken and the general well-being of society will improve.

Research from the UN Development Program points out the strong correlation between gender equality measurements and a country’s ranking on the Human Development Index. Economists have found links between increased female education and lower child mortality rates and increased growth for the economy at large.  The 10×10 group put a human and distinctively female face to these findings, generating an emotional appeal using its groundbreaking documentary, Girl Rising.

Girl Rising is the culmination of 6 years of work by a team of television journalists.  The film tells the stories of 9 girls from around the world who face and overcome unbelievable obstacles on their paths toward getting an education. Each story is written by a different author, and the film is narrated by a cast of renowned actresses.

To participate, first go to the 10×10 website at  There you can find out more about the project and learn how to locate a viewing of the documentary in your area, using the interactive map.  There is no online viewing for the film at this time.  Many schools, universities, corporations, and non-profits are sponsoring its showing and have scheduled discussion forums following each broadcast.

This is an opportunity for our members to make a difference in the girls’ lives. Our intent is to build a global movement of equal opportunity for girls and to accelerate progress on meeting the needs worldwide. WG-USA is proud to add its name to the partnership of Girl Rising.