The right to safe access to education for women and girls

 WG-USA builds member awareness

and support for improving girls’ access to educational opportunities and breaking down barriers that prevent girls access to education around the world.

WG-USA established a new program objective “to support safe access to education for women and girls impacted by war and conflict” in order to expand awareness of our members and advocate for education for refugees and internally displaced women and girls.

Women’s rights are human rights

Provision of educational opportunities for girls depends heavily on the cultural attitudes of the parents and community, and on the ability of parents and community to pay for girls to attend school in developing nations.

Often priority is given to male children versus female children. However in the US the culture is highly competitive and impersonal. A girl’s well being and safety depends on her ability to think for herself and, if necessary to earn a good living for herself and her children.

A good education is an asset which will benefit the girl, as well as her family for a lifetime. Therefore advocacy of education for girls and women is essential in both the developed and in the under developed nations of the world.