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Who can join WG-USA?

Women who have graduated from a tertiary (above high school) institution that grants a degree that allows them to pursue graduate education and who are residents of the United States. U.S.A. citizens living abroad are eligible for membership if they meet the International Federation of University Women requirements. Membership in WG-USA includes individual membership in Graduate Women International (GWI, formerly IFUW).

Membership Dues

There are three categories for annual membership dues:
$65 Women holding undergraduate and higher degrees. Includes membership in GWI.
Women graduates living and studying in the U.S.A. who are already affiliate members of GWI.
Women studying for an undergraduate degree in the U.S.A.
GWI membership fees are not included.
A student may not hold a board position in WG-USA.

How Can I Join?

Fill out the online application form and pay via secure online credit-card.


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