AGM 2015 Human Trafficking Working Group Slave Labor in the Supply Chain

The WG-USA 2014 Human Trafficking Resolution (expanding sex to include labor trafficking) came to life at the 2015 AGM meeting in Baltimore. In a “Grocery Cart” shopping simulation with Magda Buhaka, the audience was introduced to modern day slavery and child labor practices in the fishing and agriculture global supply chain. Through photos and reports depicting deplorable working and living conditions and where slave and child labor practices exist, the presentation addressed the need for informed consumer advocacy.

Labor Trafficking in the Supply Chain Powerpoint

This presentation was followed by Kirstin Wells, who until a recent job change, served as senior advisor in the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Person at the State Department. Ms. Wells described the global aspect of labor trafficking and the State Departments actions to gather and analyze supply chain data, facilitate corporate, public and legislative awareness and improve labor recruitment in the elimination of trafficking.