AGM 2017 Welcome page

Beyond Borders:
Turning Commitment into Action in a Global World

WG-USA 10th Annual General Meeting
October 13-15, 2017
Milwaukee, WI


The Milwaukee WG-USA Annual General Meeting (AGM), Beyond Borders: Turning Commitment into Action in a Global World, celebrated our Tenth Birthday and reflected on our commitment to raise awareness locally while reaching across borders to support women and girls around the world, particularly those who have been displaced due to war and conflict.

Speakers and presenters were representative from the Milwaukee area and beyond with experience in refugee education, legal, medical and psychological services. A highlight was the luncheon presentations by the student essay contest winners who told their stories.


Videos of the events

Aid in Resettlement: the Milwaukee Experience
Speaker Mary Flynn

Stem Program in Russia: An Update
Speaker Sarah Harder

Setting the Stage
Speaker Cheryl Thomas

Aid in Resettlement
Speaker Megan Schneck

Social Policy and Refugees
Speaker Karolina Lukasiewicz

High School Essay Contest Winners

Ways to Bridge Career and Strengthen Commitment in a Global Society
Panel Speakers: Paola Moreno-Roman, Nirshila Chand, Karolina Lukasiewicz present at the WG-USA’s Fall 2017 meeting in Milwaukee.

Global Communities: Empowering Families
Speaker Sarah Borges

GWI: Looking to the Future, Voices from the Past
Speaker, GWI President Geeta Desai