2016 GWI Triennial Capetown GWI Resolutions Process

GWI Policy Resolutions Amendment process

The texts of the policy and internal resolutions proposed for consideration by the 32nd General Assembly are available on the GWI website in the Members Corner at the following link: http://www.graduatewomen.org/members-login/general-assembly-documentation/resolutions/. If prompted, please set up an account for the GWI Members Corner.

National federations and associations (NFAs), the GWI Board of Officers, Conveners of GWI Committees and Coordinators of the Teams of GWI Representatives to inter-governmental organisations may propose amendments to resolutions prior to the General Assembly. Prior to the presentation of the resolutions at the General Assembly, there will be an informal meeting where people can discuss the resolutions, ask questions, and even negotiate updates to the resolutions, provided that the proposers agree.  The only amendments permitted at this stage are minor alterations to the text or typographical mistakes. This is because many NFAs are mandated to vote in a certain way at the General Assembly and become uncertain how to vote if substantial alteration to the text takes place so late in the process.


The amended resolutions incorporating any amendments negotiated and agreed to by the original proposers, together with any amendments not agreed to by the proposer, shall be circulated to NFAs six weeks prior to the Conference and be published in the documentation distributed at Conference.